Microphone feedback loop with PulseAudio

Posted on Tue 06 October 2015 in Linux • Tagged with alsa, archlinux, pulseaudio

Moving to PulseAudio is pretty painless. Just need to install the package and edit /etc/pulse/client.conf to have:

autospawn = yes

One issue I did have was I kept hearing my microphone input in my headphones using a USB headset.
Fixing this was quite simple - in alsamixer, use F6 …

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SMTP authentication in Exim

Posted on Wed 28 January 2015 in Linux • Tagged with exim

No more Google SMTP for your aliases

Since August last year, Google have grandfathered a feature in GMail that allows you to create aliases in your account and send emails as those aliases from their SMTP servers:


For any new aliases …

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