Nginx proxy with Ansible and letsencrypt for multiple domains

Posted on Thu 25 August 2016 in SysAdmin • Tagged with nginx, ansible, letsencrypt

Say you're running an nginx proxy and need to set up multiple domains with different backends.



- hosts: proxy
    letsencrypt_webroot_path: /var/www/letsencrypt/
    letsencrypt_renewal_command_args: '--renew-hook "systemctl restart nginx"'
    - { role …

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Multiple Ansible versions on Mac

Posted on Thu 03 March 2016 in SysAdmin • Tagged with ansible, debugging

I ran into some regression bugs with the latest version of Ansible and wanted to test to confirm a few things before posting bug reports. As I run MacOS at work, Ansible is installed from Brew. If you're lucky, you might still have your old versions around:

$ ls /usr/local …

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